Hey there! I'm Adam Crawford, 22 and a graduate at NYADA. I'm founder and the former fearless leader of the Adam's Apples, NYADA's show choir, which has been left in the capable hands of Honeycrisp. I also work part time at La Colombe down in SoHo, and am currently in Chicago!
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Well that wasn’t fun


No, but I figured you would. I can do some research though.image

Oh no, I’m really not much for spas, to be honest. My friends are more likely to drag me out to a carnival or flea market, than they are a spa. But that sounds good, we’ll have to set something up.

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Well that wasn’t fun


You and I should have a spa day. It’ll relieve some stress for both of us! image

A spa day, huh? You know anywhere around here good for that?

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Well that wasn’t fun


Been wondering where you’ve been, hot stuff!  I’m like staying with you and we keep missing each other.  We totes need to chill soon. 


I know, I know, it’s my fault completely. I might have overbooked myself, just a bit during the summer, is all. But we do need to do something. Preferably outside of the flat. Got anything in mind?

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Well that wasn’t fun

I swear, sometimes I think working two jobs is going to kill  me.

But, at least I slept well last night. And I’m free until this evening. So hopefully I can recharge a bit more….. And figure out what I’ve missed.

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She was out like a light. She didn’t even react when she saw me. She’s like Santana in that way. Emotionless.

I don’t know about emotionless, maybe Santana’s just like a cat in that they show affection subtley? Besides, if she was asleep then she was probably just too tired to love you.

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You should be happy… It’s cooled down enough that I’m actually putting my clothes back on

I’m very, very glad hat’s the case, then. Hopefully we don’t get another heat wave soon!

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Call went well.


I knew they’d be accepting of my homosexual relationship, but I was worried about them accepting Santana since she is the one that tormented me in high school right up until the end of senior year. I just wasn’t sure that they’d be okay with the relationship in general. But, I’m actually getting along quite well. Glad to be home actually. Just dreading rehearsal tomorrow. The break was nice. Anyway, how about you Adam? Anything new and exhilarating in your life?image

Oh? Well that’s decidedly something that I wasn’t aware of. Still, I’m glad they’re okay with it all, that’s wonderful news for you both! And I’m good, my run in Chicago ends early next month, though. So I’m looking around, debating on where else I might like to audition, is all. All things considered, my life is fairly boring.

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Call went well.


They said they already knew from the way I looked at her in Malibu. Guess I had nothing to worry about after all. Planning on hopping in the shower now and curling up with Barbra after to watch some musicals. My night’s looking pretty amazing. image

That’s good to hear! Though I didn’t think there’d be much to worry about, it seems like two fathers shouldn’t care much about their daughter having a girlfriend. I’m glad to hear you’re home, though. Not too bored after Malibu?

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Homeward bound.


Heading to the airport with daddies and Santana now. Can’t wait to get home and see my boys!image

When will you be home? How long is the flight, anyways?

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